Friday Courses

Receive in-depth updates on the latest in GI and hepatology, endoscopy, and practice management when you attend one or more of the optional Friday courses. Four courses are offered: two half-day courses, the Roadmap for a Successful Community or Academic GI Practice Course and the What’s New in GI Pharmacology Course; and two full-day courses, the Practice Management Course and the ASGE Endoscopy Course.

Attending the Postgraduate Course? Register for the GI Pathophysiology and the What’s New in GI Pharmacology Courses and save up to 10 percent! The GI Pathophysiology Course, the What’s New in GI Pharmacology Course, along with the Postgraduate Course make up the Three-Day Clinical Review, your comprehensive clinical update.

Roadmap for a Successful Community or Academic GI Practice Course
Ramp-Up Your Practice, Super-Charge Your Staff

Course Directors: Jay N. Yepuri, MD, MS, FACG, and Harish K. Gagneja, MD, FACG

Healthcare delivery is transforming at an accelerating rate, but opportunities in the field of gastroenterology remain strong for private practice physicians to claim ownership of their practices and their careers. Managing challenges to independence will be even more important during these changing times, but that alone will not be enough for success. Participants in the 2019 Roadmap for a Successful Community or Academic GI Practice Course in San Antonio, Texas will hear from colleagues about new and innovative way to improve the operations, enhance productivity, and guarantee success of their practices.

Friday, October 25, 2019
6:30 am Continental Breakfast
7:30 am Welcome Remarks and Announcements
Jay N. Yepuri, MD, MS, FACG, and Harish K. Gagneja, MD, FACG
Session 1 Critical Aspects of Contemporary GI Practice
Moderator: Jay N. Yepuri, MD, MS, FACG
7:40 am Status Update: ABIM, MOC, and Beyond
Sunanda V. Kane, MD, MSPH, FACG
Discuss the latest requirements and pathways for ABIM Board Certification status and Maintenance of Certification as well alternatives for Board Certification.
8:00 am How to Legally Structure an Anesthesiology Provider Agreement for Your Endoscopy Center
Ann M. Bittinger, JD
Describe important legal considerations when structuring an anesthesiology provider agreement for your endoscopy center.
8:20 am Social Media in Gastroenterology: The Hashtag is Here to Stay…Avoid Trouble!
Richard E. Moses, DO, JD, FACG
Identify key legal issues surrounding the use of social media in medical practice.
8:40 am Q & A
Session 2 Making Your Mark – Taking Your Organization To The Next Level
Moderator: Harish K. Gagneja, MD, FACG
9:00 am Quick Tidbit
9:05 am Getting Started on Social Media: Everything You Need to Know to Join the Conversation
Sophie M. Balzora, MD, FACG
Discuss “Social Media: 101,” an introduction for GI practices and providers.
9:25 am Marketing and Branding in the Era of Social Media
Diane Baker
Describe strategies for using social media to effectively establish your brand and market your organization.
9:45 am The “Lesser Known” Ancillaries – Still a Good Opportunity?
Harry E. Sarles, Jr., MD, FACG
Examine the clinical and economic rationale for ancillaries such as a research division, infusion centers, diagnostic services, and data mining.
10:05 am Q & A
10:25 am Refreshment Break
Session 3 Leadership, Administration, and Structure
Moderator: Jay N. Yepuri, MD, MS, FACG
10:45 am Quick Tidbit
10:50 am Succession Planning for Your Organization
Joseph J. Vicari, MD, MBA
Provide best practice-based guidance on how your organization can best transition its leadership.
11:10 am How Do I Hire Good Staff?
Tania Bolla, CMPE
Review best practices for recruiting and hiring good staff, with recommendations on how to handle HR, benefits, and compensation decisions for your new hires.
11:30 am APM Guidance: “How To” When Negotiating a Bundled Payment Plan
Ralph D. McKibbin, MD, FACG
Provide a framework for developing and negotiating a bundled payment plan focusing on the traditional lump-sum bundle and the shared-savings bundle models.
11:50 am Q & A
12:10 pm Break / Pick-up Box Lunches
12:30 pm Luncheon Presentation: The Taxonomy of GI Practice in 2019
Moderator: Jay N. Yepuri, MD, MS, FACG
Panelists: James S. Leavitt, MD, FACG; Neal R. Patel, MD; Jason Porter, MBA; Michael L. Weinstein, MD; and Louis J. Wilson, MD, FACG

Discuss current models of GI Practice in the U.S. along with an analysis of private equity’s entrance into the GI practice space.
Session 4 Strategic Practice Initiatives – How Can We Do Things Better?
Moderator: Harish K. Gagneja, MD, FACG
1:10 pm Quick Tidbit
1:15 pm Getting Your Patient the Medication You Prescribed: Tips and Tricks
David Choi, MD, PharmD, BCACP
Adapt a methodical approach to obtaining pre-authorizations and appealing denials for pharmaceutical therapies.
1:35 pm Centers of Excellence in GI Practice – Developing a Team Based Approach to Care
Corey A. Siegel, MD, MS
Discuss the center of excellence model in IBD and its application to other chronic disease states including GERD and chronic liver disease
1:55 pm Effective Leadership, Impactful Networking, and the Importance of Being an Original
David J. Hass, MD, FACG
Discuss the importance of adaptability as a leader and the importance of networking as a means of reciprocal problem solving in order to help complex organizations succeed in their clinical missions.
2:15 pm Q & A
2:35 pm Break
Session 5 Business 101 – The Fundamentals
Moderator: Jay N. Yepuri, MD, MS. FACG
2:55 pm Quick Tidbit
3:00 pm Panel Presentations: 10 Things You Need to Know From a Business Standpoint…
Moderator: Jay N. Yepuri, MD, MS, FACG
Provide a basic framework for physicians in academic practice (both traditional and clinical track), employed physicians, and physicians in small, independent practices to better understand how their business works.
  • For an Academic Physician

    Vivek Kaul, MD

  • For an Employed Physician

    Sapna Thomas, MD

  • For a Small, Independent Practice

    Stephen Amann, MD, FACG

3:45 pm Panel Discussion and Q & A
4:40 pm Course Wrap-Up / Closing Remarks
Jay N. Yepuri, MD, MS, FACG, and Harish K. Gagneja, MD, FACG
5:00 pm Course Adjourns