Live Streaming & Interactive Annual Scientific Meeting Sessions
Monday, October 26, 2020, 2:00 pm – 9:30 pm (ET)
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2:00 pm Symposium 1: Non-IBD Colitides – Clinical Pearls with Live Q&A
Moderator: Aline Charabaty, MD
  • Microscopic/Collagenous Colitis: Beyond Budesonide
    Anita Afzali, MD, MPH, FACG
  • Poo-pourri: Immune, NSAIDs, and Beyond
    Aline Charabaty, MD
  • Bugs, Vectors and Toxins: A Primer on Infectious Colitides
    Brooks D. Cash, MD, FACG
2:30 pm Symposium 2: Common Scenarios in Crohn’s Disease: What Should I Do? – Clinical Pearls with Live Q&A
Moderator: David A. Schwartz, MD, FACG
  • Post-Operative Recurrence
    Miguel D. Regueiro, MD, FACG
  • Management of Perianal Disease
    David A. Schwartz, MD, FACG
  • Small Bowel Crohn’s
    Gil Y. Melmed, MD, MS, FACG
3:00 pm Presidential Plenary Session 1 – With Live Q&A
Moderators: Brooks D. Cash, MD, FACG, and Mark B. Pochapin, MD, FACG
Oral papers designated as Best in Category and representing excellence in clinical research.
4:00 pm The American Journal of Gastroenterology Lecture: Foregut Endotherapy: Cutting Edge Technology for 2020 and Beyond
Presented by: Christopher C. Thompson, MD, MSc, FACG
Introduced by: Brian E. Lacy, MD, PhD, FACG, and Brennan M. Spiegel, MD, MSHS, FACG
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4:30 pm Symposium 3: Refractory Conditions of the Esophagus: Diagnosis and Treatment – Clinical Pearls with Live Q&A
Moderator: John C. Fang, MDG
  • Approach to Refractory Esophageal Strictures
    John C. Fang, MDG
  • Identification and Management of Esophageal Manifestations of Dermatologic Conditions
    Magnus Halland, MD
  • Management of Treatment Failure in Achalasia
    Joel E. Richter, MD, MACG
5:00 pm Symposium 4: Recent Developments in Barrett’s Esophagus – Clinical Pearls with Live Q&A
Moderator: Nicholas J. Shaheen, MD, MPH, MACG
  • New Tools for Diagnosis
    Gary W. Falk, MD, MS, FACG
  • Current Approach to Ablation
    Nicholas J. Shaheen, MD, MPH, MACG
  • Role of Chemoprevention
    Joel H. Rubenstein, MD, FACG
5:30 pm Break – Visit Exhibits
5:30 pm The 8th Annual Endoscopy Video Forum – With Live Voting
Moderators: Seth A. Gross, MD, FACG, and Vivek Kaul, MD, FACG
6:30 pm Break – Visit Exhibits
7:30 pm Healio Disruptive Innovators Awards
Join us at this exclusive event presented by ACG Media Partner, Healio Gastroenterology and Liver Disease, as we honor Disruptive Innovators in eight different categories. Each of these awardees has changed the face of gastroenterology and pushed the status quo toward the betterment of the field. As a true testament to Healio’s peer-tested approach, our Peer Perspective Board and Healio 200 vote on the awardees.
8:00 pm Daily Wrap Up
Join ACG leaders and expert faculty for a synthesis of the day’s clinical take-aways and significant findings offering a quick daily summary of noteworthy sessions and key presentations.
Supported by Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.
8:30 pm President’s Address
Mark B. Pochapin, MD, FACG, ACG President
9:00 pm ACG Annual Business Meeting – With Live Chat
As required by the College’s Bylaws, a meeting open to ACG members.
9:30 pm Virtual ACG 2020 Adjourns for the Day