Bonus Sessions

ACG Annual Scientific Meeting Optional Bonus Sessions

Add this optional package to your Annual Scientific Meeting registration for even more first-class education that provides an additional 15.25 hours of CME/MOC credit! This add-on provides access to dozens of recorded presentations and slides from 15 Bonus Sessions (topics listed below). These Bonus Sessions are pre-recorded narrations by faculty of their presentation slides, and will be available to watch on-demand on the ACG 2023 Conference Platform, from October until March 31, 2024.

You must register for the Annual Scientific Meeting in order to purchase the optional Annual Scientific Meeting Bonus Sessions package. Both in-person and virtual registrants can purchase this add-on package.

“MEET THE EXPERTS” Breakfast Sessions

ACG will again offer its popular “Meet the Experts” sessions on Monday and Tuesday mornings. These in-person, open-to-all, 45-minute sessions will be tied to select topic areas from the optional Annual Scientific Meeting Bonus Sessions. Sessions on Monday (7:00 am – 7:45 am) will cover Liver, Endoscopy, GI Bleeding, DEI, and IBD. Tuesday sessions (7:30 am – 8:15 am) will cover Nutrition, IBD, Endoscopy, Liver, and Pancreaticobiliary. Coffee and light breakfast items will be provided. While purchase of the Bonus Sessions is not required to attend these sessions, attendees who have purchased and watched the on-demand Bonus Sessions in advance will benefit most from these casual in-person opportunities for Q&A with faculty experts.

Optional Bonus Sessions

Separate Purchase Required: You must register for the Annual Scientific Meeting in order to purchase the optional Annual Scientific Meeting Bonus Sessions package. Both in-person and virtual registrants can purchase this add-on package.

Bonus Session A: Hepatology Potpourri
  • What’s New in the Diagnosis and Management of Acute Kidney Injury and Hepatorenal Syndrome in Patients With Cirrhosis
  • HCC Updates: Diagnosis and Management
  • Challenging Hepatology Consultations: A Case-Based Discussion
Bonus Session B: How to Implement New Tools in Your Practice
  • Are Disposable Endoscopes Ready for Primetime? Green Versus Red
  • When All Else Fails - New Applications of Radiofrequency Ablation and Balloon Cryoablation Beyond the Esophagus
  • Utilizing Artificial Intelligence in Endoscopy
Bonus Session C: Vascular Disorders of the Gastrointestinal Tract
  • Ischemic Disease: Colon Ischemia, and Acute and Chronic Ischemia
  • A Practical Guide to Diagnosing and Managing Angiodysplasias of the GI Tract
  • A New Organ: The Mesentery and Mesenteric Disease
Bonus Session D: Incorporating Health Equity, Health Disparity Training, and Diversity Into Our Practices
  • Laying the Foundation for Understanding Health Disparities and Social Determinants of Health
  • Incorporating Health Equity Training Into GI Fellowship
  • Incorporating DEI Into GI Faculty Practice
Bonus Session E: Management of IBD Through the Ages
  • From TikTok to Transitions: IBD Care for the Young Adult
  • IBD Before, During, and After Conception
  • Practical Considerations for the Care of the Older Adult
Bonus Session F: You Are What You Eat: Practical Dietary Advice Beyond FODMAPs
  • Food Allergy Testing: If, When, and How to Do It
  • Disaccharidase Deficiencies: More Common Than You Think
  • Ask the Nutritionist: Expert Resources You Can Give Your Patients
Bonus Session G: How Comorbidities Impact Treatment Decisions in IBD
  • The Patient With Cardiovascular Risk Factors
  • The Patient With Thromboembolic Risk Factors
  • The Patient With Obesity
Bonus Session H: Endoscopic Challenges in Everyday Practice: What Do I Do Next?
  • I Am Called in for an Active Upper GI Bleed: How Do I Best Manage It?
  • I See a Large Polyp During Routine Colonoscopy: How Do I Deal With It?
  • My Patient Has a Perforation: What Do I Do?
Bonus Session I: Holistic Approach to Common Liver Diseases – Practical Cased-Based Discussions
  • Management Approach to Patients With Alcohol-Associated Liver Disease
  • Comprehensive Management of MASLD: Navigating the Clinical Care Pathway
  • Navigating the Continuum of Care for Patients With Cirrhosis and HCC
Bonus Session J: Endoscopy in the Management of Pancreatico-Biliary Disorders – A Video-Based Session
  • Endoscopic Management of Acute Pancreatitis Complications
  • EUS-Guided Management of Cholecystitis
  • Evaluation and Resection of Ampullary Lesions
Bonus Session K: Barrett’s Esophagus: Debates, Controversies, Difficult Cases, and More!!
  • To Burn or Freeze?
  • Case Discussion
    1. Long Segment Barrett’s With Family History
    2. Refractory Barrett’s
    3. Varices/Anticoagulation and Barrett’s Endotherapy
    4. Crypt Dysplasia/Irregular Z Line
Bonus Session L: Going Green in Gastroenterology
  • Healthcare and the Environment: What the GI Needs to Know
  • The Economic Impact of GI Innovations: Pros and Cons
  • GI and Industry Partnership for Ecological Sustainability
Bonus Session M: Evidence-Based GI Editors’ Roundtable: 2023 Year in Review - The GI Research That Changes Patient Care
  • An Introduction to ACG’s New Evidence-Based GI Journal and Its Goals
  • Esophageal Potpourri: Proton Pump Inhibitors, PCABs, and Eosinophilic Esophagitis
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Making Sense of New Treatment Paradigms
  • Optimizing the Quality of Colorectal Cancer Screening
Bonus Session N: Complications of IBD or Its Therapies
  • I’m Burning Up – To Treat or Not Treat
  • Everything Hurts – Management of Joint Pain in IBD
  • I’m So Tired: Tips to Address Fatigue in IBD
Bonus Session O: Practice Structure and Compensation
  • GI Practice: Structure and Ownership
  • Compensation Models and Incentives
  • Payor Contracting and Revenue Cycle Management