Self-Assessment Test

2022 Self-Assessment Test

The Self-Assessment Test (SAT) is produced annually in conjunction with the October ACG Postgraduate Course and is one of the main teaching tools of the College. This detailed examination is carefully prepared by an ACG committee with input gathered from Postgraduate Course faculty members. Each annual edition of the test contains approximately 300 new questions in a single best answer format, along with detailed answers and annotated references. Many of the questions also feature photographs, illustrations, or videos. The SAT is a valuable review resource both for graduating fellows preparing for the GI Boards and established practitioners brushing up on their knowledge and test-taking skills, looking for a broad clinical update, or preparing for recertification. CME and MOC can be earned by successfully completing the test.

In-person (Charlotte) Postgraduate Course participants will be given a print copy of the SAT upon arrival at the Postgraduate Course and will also receive access to the online version of the test. (Note: If you are registered to attend the Postgraduate Course in person in Charlotte, and are unable to make it, your printed test booklet will not be mailed.)

Virtual Postgraduate Course participants will receive access to the online version of the SAT.

Online Self-Assessment Test Release Date – September 21, 2022
All Postgraduate Course participants (both in-person and virtual) who are registered by September 20 will receive access to the Online SAT when it is released on September 21. For participants who register after September 20 for the virtual PG Course, access to the Online SAT will be provided within 24 hours of registration (access is not immediate upon registration).

Purchase the ACG 2022 Self-Assessment Test
The Online SAT – ACG 2022 participants not registered for the Postgraduate Course may choose to purchase the online version of the 2022 Self-Assessment Test through the ACG website at beginning September 21, 2022 (ACG members: $99; non-members $150).

The Printed SAT – If you wish to have access to the printed SAT book, books may be available for sale (as quantities allow) in the ACG Store after November 15, 2022.

Printed SAT Test Book*
The printed SAT book contains 300 questions that are randomly organized. All answers must be logged into the online scoring website in order to submit your answer choices and claim credits. Upon completion of the exam, a participant that completes 70% or more of the questions correctly will be given the opportunity to claim both CME and ABIM MOC** credits. Those who do not pass the first time will have two additional opportunities to achieve a passing score. After you have successfully passed the exam (the online scoring site includes a score report), participants may refer to the answer book for detailed explanations, as well as supporting references for further study.

Online SAT Test*
The online SAT test contains 300 questions organized by their organ system or disease state. As the participant answers each question, they are given the correct answer, explanation, and references. Metrics allow participants to track their progress individually and in comparison to those who have already completed the question. Upon completion of the exam, a participant that completes 70% or more of the questions correctly will be given the opportunity to claim both CME and ABIM MOC** credits. All participants, those that pass and those who fail to meet the minimum 70% passing standard, have the option to reset and retake the entire exam. Only the first three attempts will be eligible for CME and ABIM MOC credits. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that a participant who passes the test claim their CME and ABIM MOC points before clearing their results to retake the test.

*Credit may only be claimed once for a single year of the SAT test. (e.g., you cannot claim credit for both the book and online version of the same test as all 300 questions are essentially the same.)

**IMPORTANT: While ABIM points are available for three years after each test’s publication, requests for MOC points MUST be submitted by December 31 of the year you COMPLETE the test. No retroactive credit will be awarded by ABIM.