Friday Courses

Receive in-depth updates on the latest in GI and hepatology, endoscopy, and practice management when you attend one or more of the optional Friday courses. Five courses are offered: three half-day courses, the GI Pathology and Imaging Course, the What’s New in GI Pharmacology Course, and the Practice Management Summit; one evening course, the Guide to the Guidelines; and one full-day course, the ASGE Endoscopy Course.

Practice Management Summit

"Bigger, Stronger, and Faster": How to Make Your Practice Thrive, Not Just Survive

Friday, October 25, 2024 | 1:30 pm – 6:30 pm Eastern Time

Course Directors: Michelle L. Hughes, MD, and J. Andy Tau, MD

1:30 pm Welcome and Introductions
Michelle L. Hughes, MD, and J. Andy Tau, MD
Session 1 “Bigger”: Expanding Human Capital
Moderator: Michelle L. Hughes, MD
1:35 pm Physician Recruitment and Retention
Jagdish S. Nachnani, MD, and Paul R. Guzik, DO
Discuss the looming GI workforce shortage, including tips for making a practice attractive to new graduates and retaining physicians nearing retirement.
2:10 pm Inclusivity and Profitability: Flip Sides of the Same Coin
Vonda G. Reeves, MD, MBA, FACG
Describe how creating an inclusive practice can be financially beneficial to your practice, while considering the issues of retaining office staff, attracting certain patient populations, and recruiting diverse physicians.
2:30 pm Extending Your Practice with Advanced Practice Providers
Sarah M. Enslin, PA-C
Explain when and how to best utilize APPs to improve practice productivity.
2:50 pm Q & A
Michelle L. Hughes, MD
Session 2 “Stronger”: Optimizing Practice Productivity
Moderator: J. Andy Tau, MD
3:05 pm Locum Tenens and the Fair Market Value of Hospital Work
Kimberly C. Zibert, DO
Describe the inner workings of locums, the pros and cons of locums as a viable source of income, and their potential for negotiating contracts for hospital coverage.
3:25 pm The ASC: Maximizing Utilization, Minimizing Cost
Jay N. Yepuri, MD, MS, FACG
Outline strategies to optimize workflow in the ASC, minimize no-shows, and reduce costs, as well as discuss the value of implementing Open Access Colonoscopy and its potential pitfalls.
3:45 pm How We Did It: Successful Ancillary Services You Don’t Want to Miss Out On
Harish K. Gagneja, MD, FACG
Summarize unique ancillary service opportunities that can expand your revenue streams including research, pharmacy, liver stiffness measurement, dietary/nutritional services, and anorectal services such as hemorrhoidal banding and manometry.
4:05 pm Q & A
J. Andy Tau, MD
4:20 pm Break
Session 3 “Faster”: Harnessing Machines and Digital Tools to Boost Efficiency
Moderator: Michelle L. Hughes, MD
4:30 pm Beyond the Scope: Practical AI Tools For the Clinic
Manoj K. Mehta, MD, FACG
Evaluate currently available AI-based technology that can be used to improve your clinical efficiency and minimize burnout, and “pajama time.”
4:50 pm Using Social Media for Marketing, Education and Networking
J. Andy Tau, MD
Discuss new ways to implement social media to attract and engage patients and staff, that can promote your practice beyond traditional marketing approaches.
5:10 pm Is Computer-Aided Detection (CADe) in Colonoscopy Worth It?
Sravanthi Parasa, MD
Assess the most recent data regarding CADE, including its pros, cons, and financial considerations, for a variety of practice models.
5:30 pm Q & A
Michelle L. Hughes, MD
5:45 pm Closing Remarks
5:50 pm Reception for Attendees and Faculty
6:30 pm Course Adjourns